Conditions générales

Terms and Conditions

This agreement (the "Agreement") and the other terms listed further on shall be read by you (the "User" or "you") in its entirety before using the products or services of "Rummy-Party".

Please note that this Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and "Rummy-Party" (referred to herein as "Rummy-Party" or "Service Provider"), which owns and operates the Internet site located at (the Site).

Besides the terms of this Agreement, you shall read our Privacy Statement, Rules of Rummy, all other obligations and rules detailed on the Site, which in this way are also became part of the Agreement, any notices sent to you from time to time, and any additional rules and conditions related to games or promotions found on the Site.

By clicking the "I accept" button -which is part of the software installing process - and by using the Software (see its definition further on) you agree to be bound by the most current version of this Agreement, the Privacy Statement, the Cashout Policy and the Rules of Rummy.


1.1 This agreement -according to its terms and conditions listed herein - grants You to install and use the Software ("Rummy-Party" Software) in order to access the Server ("Rummy-Party" Server) and play the available rummy games ("Games").

1.2 The "Service" provided by "Rummy-Party" is the sum of the Software and the Games.

1.3 The Service provided by "Rummy-Party" grants you a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable right to install and use the Software, enter the Site, use your personal account (Account) created on the Site and access the Games (Rummy) found on the Site.

1.4 You shall use the Software together with your unique Player ID ("Player ID") and unique secret password ("Password"), chosen by and known only to you. Your exclusive access to the Site is protected with your unique ID chosen by you and the secret password. User is obligated to keep his/her Player ID and Password secret and confidential at all times and must take all action necessary to protect their secrecy and confidentiality. The User shall be liable for the use of his/her Player ID or Password including any unauthorized use.

1.5 The "Service" and the "Site" are not for use by the following individuals:

a.) Individuals under 18 years of age

b.) Individuals under the legal age of maturity in their jurisdiction

c.) Individuals connecting to the Site from jurisdictions from which it is illegal to do so. (Checking whether the use of the Software is lawful or unlawful is the responsibility of the User in all countries.)

1.6 The "Service Provider" reserves the right to:

a.) Check the age of the User by asking for a certification of age from the User.

b.) If the User does not or not appropriately certifies his/her age (despite the call of the "Service Provider") or the "Service Provider" advisedly assumes that the User is under age, "Rummy-Party" has the right to terminate or suspend the Account of the User or exclude the User from the System temporarily or finally.

1.7 "Rummy-Party" grants you the "Software" solely on an "AS IS" basis. It means that, the User gets what he/she sees, "the Service Provider" disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the quality, fitness for purpose, completeness, merchantability, non-infringement or accuracy of the Software, the Site and the Games.

1.8 The Software (included its structure, source code, setup) is the sole property of the operator and owner of the Site, protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. According to this, the following acts will be considered as unauthorized use, thus the User may not attempt to:

a.) Copy, distribute, translate the "Software", retranslate and/or change its assembly language, reverse-engineer or acquire and use the source code or attempt doing these actions in any way.

b.) Transfer (sell it or give away as a present), lease

c.) Transmit or distribute the "Software" through a computer network or any other way to a third person.

d.) Transfer, sell, give away as a present or lease this Agreement

e.) Use or distribute the contents of the Site or its other parts without the former approval of the "Service Provider"

f.) Use the "Software" in any unlawful way according to the governing laws and rules of the User's jurisdiction. (see paragraph 1.5 point c. )

1.9 The User shall be responsible for any damages or fees arising out of the User's unlawful use of the Software.

1.10 The "Rummy-Party" reserves the rights to open, close, disable or terminate the User's personal account (the Account) due to or arising out of the breach of this Agreement.

1.11 The term "Rummy-Party" and "" or any other trademarks, service marks, and/or trade names of "Rummy-party" which are used on the Site from time to time (The Trademarks) are the trade marks, service marks, and/or trade names of "Rummy-Party" or one of its group companies or its licensors and these legal individuals reserve all rights to these trademarks. Software, images, animations, videos, audio, and text (and any intellectual property rights in and to any of the same) appearing in the "Software" or on the "Site" are the sole property of "Rummy-Party" and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You obtain no rights to such copyright material or trade or service marks and must not use them under any circumstances.

2. Warranties

2.1 "Rummy-Party" grants you the "Software" solely on an "AS IS" basis. It means that, the User gets what he/she sees, "the Service Provider" disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the quality, fitness for purpose, completeness, merchantability, non-infringement or accuracy of the Software, the Site and the Games.

2.2 "Rummy-Party's" prior goal is to provide the User with service of the highest quality, however "Rummy-Party" makes no warranty that the Software, the Site, the Games or the Servers will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the features and service provided therein shall be free from viruses or bugs of any kind.

2.3 In case of a malfunction or disruption of service during a tournament, for which "Rummy-Party", in its sole discretion, is responsible, that prevents you from completing the tournament in which you have begun to participate, "Rummy-Party" will, upon receipt and evaluation of a refund request, refund the total amount of money paid by the user (the entry fee) charged for only that unfinished tournament entry.

2.4 "Rummy-Party" is not liable for any potential winnings of the User, which he/she could have won on a disrupted tournament.

2.5 "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether it is responsible for any such malfunction or disruption.

2.6 "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to limit your tournament play or terminate your account in case it determines that you have intentionally caused such malfunction or disruption.

2.7 "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to immediately terminate, suspend, modify, remove or complete its service in its sole discretion, without any former notice. "Rummy-Party" is not liable for any damage suffered by the User due to these decisions.

3. The User's statement of commitment to the adoption of this Agreement

Before using the Software, the User notes, declares, guarantees, undertakes and accepts that:

3.1 Using the Software, there is a possibility that you may lose money and "Rummy-Party" is not liable for any resulting losses of money.

3.2 Using the software depends only on the User's decision, acts like in its sole discretion, to its own responsibility.

3.3 Before using the Software, the User is required to provide certain information, which are managed according to the rules of Privacy Statement by "Rummy-Party".

3.4 Paying any taxes related to the paid winnings is the User's exclusive and sole responsibility.

3.5 Ensuring the telephone network, internet connection and any other necessary conditions needed for using the Software, is the responsibility of the User. "Rummy-Party" is not liable for any damages, costs or losses arising out of the faults or disruptions of such networks and systems.

3.6 Using the Software and visiting the Site through the User's own Player ID is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

3.7 User is obligated to keep his/her Player ID and Password secret and confidential at all times and must not give it away to a third person. The User shall be liable for any use of his/her Player ID or Password including any unauthorized use.

3.8 User is obliged to inform the "Service Provider" if he/she notices any kind of "unauthorized use" by a third person and obliged to cooperate with "Rummy-Party" through the investigation of the unauthorized use.

3.9 Any attempt to breach the rules of this Agreement or the Games and any kind of unauthorized use will result in banning from "Rummy-Party" immediately and the User account connected to the Player ID can be closed, terminated, deactivated and the funds can be seized by "Rummy-Party".

4. Prohibited Uses

4.1 Software modifications. The User may not attempt to modify, decompile, reverse-engineer or disassemble the Software in any way.

4.2 Personal Use. Commercial use of the Software is strictly forbidden. The User is only allowed to use the Software for his/her personal entertainment. Under no circumstances shall a User be permitted to use his/her "real money" account with "Rummy-Party" for any purpose other than for using the services of the "Service Provider". The User is obliged to ensure the validity and completeness of the information given by him/her to the "Rummy-Party" and the User is also obliged to update these information whenever changes occur. You may have only one account per person at "Rummy-Party" and you may use only that account during the use of the Service. The User is not allowed to allow a third person to use the Service through his/her own account.

4.3 Multiple Accounts. You may open only one account per person, and only one account per computer or address. "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to monitor any effort to establish multiple accounts; in the event "Rummy-Party" discovers that you have opened more than one account per person or more than one account per computer or address, all additional accounts will be closed without notice and continued violation will result in the termination of any and all of your accounts and "Rummy-Party" may void any associated winnings.

4.4 External player assistance programs (EPA). "Rummy-Party" prohibits "External" player assistance programs ("EPA Programs") which are designed to provide an "Unfair Advantage" to players. "Rummy-Party" defines "External" to mean computer software (other than the "Rummy-Party" game client provided by "Rummy-Party"), and non-software-based databases or profiles (e.g. web sites and subscription services). "Rummy-Party" defines an "Unfair Advantage" as a User accessing or compiling information on other players beyond that which the User has personally observed through the User's own game play. You agree that "Rummy-Party" may take steps to detect and prevent the use of prohibited EPA Programs. Such action may include, but is not limited to, the examination of software programs running concurrently with the "Rummy-Party" Software on the User's computer.

4.5 Automatic Players (Bots). The use of artificial intelligence including, without limitation, "Robots" is strictly forbidden in connection with the Software and the Games. All actions taken in relation to the Games by a User must be executed personally by the User through the user interface accessible by use of the Software.

4.6 Collusion or cooperation. Collusion or cooperation between Users by sharing cards or by any other methods of conspiracy is strictly forbidden. "Rummy-Party" reserves the right -among other measures - to restrict seating and/or prohibiting Users from playing at a particular table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same tournament. Any kind of collusion between the players (or the Users) will be considered as a serious violation of this Agreement, therefore "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to immediately block the access to the Games of such Users, terminating such Users' account with "Rummy-Party" and seizing all of the Users' money held in the relevant "Rummy-Party" account, regardless of the collusion's outcome.

5. Rules of conduct

5.1 Profanity, obscenities, or the use of asterisks (*) or other "masking" characters to disguise such words is strictly prohibited.

5.2 Obscene, lewd, slanderous, pornographic, abusive, violent, insulting, indecent, threatening and harassing language of any kind is strictly prohibited.

5.3 Advertising and promotion of other companies or URLs is not allowed.

5.4 Do not share personal information (name, phone number, password, credit card number) with others on the Site.

5.5 Copyrighted materials and advertising in any kind are not allowed in messages.

5.6 Use of false, slanderous or critic statements by the Users in connection with "Rummy-Party" or the Service is not allowed.

5.7 During the use of chat, the profile picture or the contact with the "Rummy-Party" staff, use of copyrighted, obscene, slanderous, libelous, threatening materials or materials which can be generally interpreted as illegal, offensive or insulting are strictly forbidden.

6. Fraudulent Activity

In the event that "Rummy-Party" deems that a User has engaged or tried to engage in fraudulent, unlawful or improper activity while using the Software or playing the Games, including without limitation the points of the fourth (4) paragraph, or committed other game manipulations or cheating during the paying process, including the use of stolen credit cards, fraudulent chargeback, money laundering, "Rummy-Party" shall be entitled to take such action as it sees fit to stop or prevent any such activity, including without limitation, to restrict seating and/or prohibiting Users from playing at a particular table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same tournament. In addition, "Rummy-Party" reserve the right to immediately block the access to the Games from such User, terminating such User's account with "Rummy-Party", seizing all of the User's money held in the relevant "Rummy-Party" account, revealing such information (including the identity of the User) for financial institutions, competent authorities, and/or any person who is entitled to receive such information, and/or taking legal actions against the User.

7. Conditions for game starting, general rules concerning the game process, payment of winnings.

7.1 To play the Games for real money, the User will be required to deposit funds into the User's account (the "Account") by any of the methods specified by "Rummy-Party" which may be updated, expanded, amended or removed as deemed necessary by "Rummy-Party" from time to time. Such funds will be deposited into the User's Account upon actual receipt of the funds by "Rummy-Party" or its agents. Under no circumstances shall the User be permitted to use the Account for any purposes other than for playing the Games. In the event that "Rummy-Party", in its sole discretion, determines that this provision has been breached by you, "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to immediately block your access to the Games, terminate your Account, and seize all monies held in your "Rummy-Party" Account. "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to impose minimum and maximum limits on deposits into the User's Account, depending upon a User's history with "Rummy-Party", the method of deposit, and other factors as determined by "Rummy-Party" in its sole discretion. "Rummy-Party" is not a bank and funds are not insured by any government agency. The transferring of funds from one Account to another by any means other than through actual game play is strictly prohibited and will result in the disabling of all the transferring and receiving Accounts involved. "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to disable any Account which engages in any type of transfer of funds which it deem as non-regulatory or in breach of this Agreement. All payments to and from a User's Account must be paid in the currencies specified on the Site and shall not bear any interest. "Rummy-Party" reserves the sole right to add or remove currencies available for payments to the Site. All payments into a User's Account must be from a payment source from which such User is the named account holder.

7.2 "Rummy-Party" cooperates with the regulations concerning money laundering; therefore "Rummy-Party" has the right to ask for the User' personal documents (ID card issued by the state, bank accounts, public accounts) during the money sending and receiving process, in order to protect its Users and prevent that "Rummy-Party" will not be used for money laundering.

7.3 A User has a predetermined amount of time to play his turn in every round. In case a User does not make a move within the given time limit at his turn, the Site's system will take a card and drop a card for the User (the system will not drop a joker card), in order to maintain the game. In case the User doesn't make a move in a turn, the User's game shall invert to Auto Play in the next turn and the Site's system will take a card and drop a card for the User immediately, without waiting the full time of the turn. If the User desires to come back to the game and play, the User has to click the "I am back" button. In case all the Users playing at the same table have inverted into Auto Play, after a predetermined amount of time the Site's system will cancel the game.

7.4 In case "Rummy-Party" offers the Users a Promotion Bonus, "Rummy-Party" shall publish a specific terms and conditions agreement relating to the specific Promotion Bonus offered. You are obligated by these terms and conditions and your acceptance of the Promotion bonus shall be deemed as your acceptance of its terms and conditions agreement.

7.5 During the use of the Services, the User is not able to place a bet that is higher than the full amount of money located in his/her personal "Rummy-Party" account.

7.6 The User must note and accept, that the money transferred by the him/her to his/her personal account, will be held in a reliable account, for the behalf of the User.

7.7 "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to start investigations concerning the User's creditability and/or identity with the assistance of a third credit rating agency or other similar service-providing agency, for "Rummy-Party" using the information provided by the User during the registration process. The credit rating agency and other service providing institutions can keep a copy of the information about the User, but they cannot use it for any other purposes.

7.8 You are obligated by the Cashout Policy, which is located on the Site. Your continued use of the Site shall be deemed to attest to your agreement to the Policy.

8. Breach of contract, contact amendment, termination.

8.1 If the User breaches this Agreement in whole or in part, including the abuse of bonuses, any attempt to abuse any of the bonuses offered and/or engage in any deceiving or fraudulent activity, "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to act to its own discretion, therefore it has right to immediately block the access to the Games from such User, terminate such User's account with "Rummy-Party", seize all of the User's money held in the relevant "Rummy-Party" account and/or take legal actions against such User.

8.2 The User agrees to indemnify "Rummy-Party" and hold "Rummy-Party" and (when applicable) its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors agents, employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees and other costs if:

a.) The User commits a breach of contract in whole or in part;

b.) The User commits a violation of law or violates the rights of third parties;

c.) The violation is committed by a third person with or without the authorization of the User.

8.3 "Rummy-Party" reserves the right to change the Agreement at any time with or without former notice and you will be bound by such amended Agreement upon the eighth (8.) day from the time it was posted at the Site. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the Site regularly and check the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.

Your continued use of the Site (or Your implicited behavior to do so) shall be deemed to attest to your agreement to any amendments to the Agreement.

8.4 Without prejudice to any other rights, "Rummy-Party" may immediately terminate this Agreement if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. In such event, you must destroy all of your copies of the Software.

9. Limitation of the "Service Provider's" Liability

Under no circumstances (including negligence) "Rummy-Party" is not liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, losses or injury whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use (or misuse), access or attempted use or access of the Site, Software, Service, Games, Server or the downloading of any material (data, texts, pictures, video or audio files) located on the Site, even if "Rummy-Party" had a prior knowledge of the possibility of such damages.

10. Contacting and contacts

You agree to receive communications from us in an electronic form. Electronic communications may be posted on the pages within the Site and/or the messages/help files of your client application, and/or delivered to your e-mail address, as shall be decided by us from time to time. All communications in either electronic or paper format will be considered to be "in writing" and to have been received no later than five business days after posting or dissemination, whether or not you have actually received or retrieved the communication.

11. Governing provisions and information for avoiding disputes

The User accepts that the game course shall be evaluated as it was recorded on the servers of "Rummy-Party". In case if there is a difference between the cards displayed on the User's computer and the records kept by "Rummy-Party", the latter shall prevail.

The User shall comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding the User's use of "Rummy-Party's" services and Software. Since the legal issues surrounding online gaming are unsettled or ambiguous in some jurisdictions, please consult with a competent attorney or legal advisor before determining if "Rummy-Party's" services are legal in your jurisdiction.

Please note that the You are liable for using the Site and Services of "Rummy-Party" in a lawful manner. We have no obligation to check, whether or not the Website and/or "Rummy-Party's" services are used in accordance with this Agreement and/or the laws of their country by the Users.

12. Governing law

The Agreement and any matters relating hitherto shall be governed by the laws of Montenegro.
Each party irrevocably agrees that the relevant organizations fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of Montenegro in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the Agreement and any matter arising there from and irrevocably waives any right that it may have to object to an action being brought, or to claim that the action has been brought in an inconvenient forum.

13. Severability

If a provision of the Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such provision shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision hereof in that jurisdiction or the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision hereof.

14. Assignments

"Rummy-Party" reserves the right to assign this contract in whole or in part, at any time, without any former notice. The User is not entitled to assign his/her rights and obligations under this contract.

15. Mixed provisions

15.1 No waiver of any of the provisions of this Agreement (even in the case if "Rummy-Party does not require a strict and literal follow and compliance with the Agreement's provisions) shall constitute a waiver of any other provision hereof (whether or not similar), nor shall waiver constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise expressly provided.

15.2 This Agreement constitutes a full agreement between the User and "Rummy-Party" concerning the Service and it overrides any other former agreements, arrangements or settlements whether it were oral or written between the User and "Rummy-Party"

15.3 The User must provide complete and valid information for "Rummy-Party" in connection with use of the Service, for which the Privacy Policy is prevailing.

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