The team of Rummy-Party in order to ensure a secure gaming process installed multiple layer protection systems to:

1. The gaming program
2. The deal of the cards
3. The play
4. The protection against connivance
5. Data protection
6. Our servers

1. Usage of the program

The question of security first comes to the user's mind when it enters the website of Rummy-Party. You can access the lobby site and gaming tables from our website after registration. The communication between the user and our servers is secured by multi-level encryption, which is your guarantee of security.

2. The deal

In terms of the gaming process it is of exclusive importance that the cards do not follow any kind of repetition method and their deal is randomized. A random generator, which is called Mersenne Twister uses data from multiple, independent sources, which generate on their own numerous variations.

3. The play

Various built-in functions ensure the security of continuous game. We aim at providing an accurate and continuous play at all times, furthermore at the minimising or prompt repair of any defects arising from online use and/or other technical errors.

We monitor the maintenance of optimum internet connections.

If the game is interrupted due the fault of the internet connection and the player is still in the game, after the elimination of the error the program takes the player back to the table. If this fails to happen, player by clicking on the "tables in the game" icon can get back to the table.

4. Connivance

The preservation of the integrity of the play is of distinguished importance and it is handled as priority. If at the same table two or more players cooperate to the detriment of the other or two other players, he/she or they commits/commit fraud. Our multi-stage security system enables the filtering and analysis of unusual events. The advantage of online games to live card games is that the played events are stored in a database and can be reviewed at any time; furthermore in a justified case they can be used.

These program messages are analysed by our staff. The deals are replayed, and if they experience fraud or connivance, the accounts of the involved players get closed and are excluded from all games offered by Rummy-Party, including all future tournaments where to the player previously submitted its application or acquired right from the satellite. Notes and comments submitted by players about experiencing any fraud or connivance will be similarly investigated to the system messages.

5. Data protection

In order to play for real money on Rummy-Party, you need to register first! You will need to submit a few personal details for registration: email-address, date of birth, etc. At the same time you also need to select a user name and password.

The team of Rummy-Party does its outmost to ensure that no one can abuse the personal details of the players at any time. These details are stored encrypted, in compliance with the strictest requirements.

We would kindly request all players not to share their password with anyone, because by this they grant access to their Rummy-Party account.

6. Servers

The protection of our servers is of extreme importance to us. We store our servers in purpose-built halls protected from both physical and online attacks. The halls are air-conditioned and we maintain permanent level of humidity. They are equipped with up-to-date fire safety system, 24 hour surveillance, special door and lock systems ensuring high level security. Energy supply to the servers is provided from two independent resources. Upon any failure continuous maintenance back-up service is provided 24/7.

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