Play responsibly

Rummy-Party is committed to responsible card play and our goal is to offer exciting and positive experience to the participants of the game.

All players new to Rummy-Party and who open an account with us are required to tick a box at the bottom of the end user agreement. By ticking this box the end user agrees to and acknowledges that it is over the age of 18 and accepts the terms and conditions of the contract. This shall warn everyone that we do not accept registration from players under the age of 18. When a new player opens an account with Rummy-Party, we record the name, address and date of birth of the player in order to confirm that the player is over the age of 18.

Minors are not in the target group of the marketing and advertising campaign of Rummy-Party. The participation of minors in the game infringes the ethical and business code of Rummy-Party.

How to play Rummy online responsibly?!

If you decide to play Rummy online, there are a few guidelines which can help to make your game safer.

1. Play for fun and for hobby, but not for making money!

2. Only play with that much money, you can afford to lose! Never play with money, which could endanger the existence of your own or your family!

3. Set yourself a pay-in limit!

4. Choose takes in accordance with your skills and financial situation!

5. Avoid playing Rummy if you are nervous, tired or run-down! It is difficult to make good decisions if you are in a bad mood!

6. Counter-balance Rummy with other activities! Find other ways of entertaining yourself and do not let the game to rule your life!

Game rules