You can easily find all different kinds of bonuses, discounts and promotions throughout the online gaming world. Only a small portion of these offers mean real, useful opportunities, while the rest of them are just clever marketing tools for raising attention.

First payment bonus

For those players, who are making their first deposit to their real money accounts, an additional 200% of their payment will be credited as a cash bonus. This amount will be a part of their real money balance and it will be transferred in parts (depending on the number of games and the size of the bets).

Promotional payment bonus

In certain periods Rummy-Party will credit extra cash bonuses after each deposit. The time and size of these bonuses will be announced earlier on the news section of Rummy Party’s site.

 Rake bonus

The team of Rummy-Party has thought that the most frequently playing and most loyal players should be awarded with a fair and truly valuable reward. That is why we came up with a system, which is based on the rake-bonus points of each player. The rake-bonus points can be collected on every cash table. The value of these points is depending on the size of the bets and the frequency of playing. If your rake-bonus points reach the minimum of the payout value, then 10, 15 or even 20% of your formerly paid entry fees will be credited to your real money account in cash. This bonus will be paid in a monthly basis and after every payment, a new estimation starts. An e-mail containing the transferred amount will be also sent to each player.

After every finished game the rake is deducted.  In the first day of each month at specifically 4 am, the bonus point surface sets back to zero and starts counting again. After a month is closed the players’ points are summed and the payments are calculated in the following way:

0 – 6 000                              0%

6 001 – 15 000                   10%

15 001 – 24 000                 15%

 From 24 000                       20%

Game rules